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Monday, May 31, 2010

Flea Market Madness!!

As I type this it is POURING outside! Total bummer to wrap up a holiday weekend ....so thank goodness I got all my shoppin done yesterday! I always look forward to a great day of junkin with my fav guy by my side.
We got up E~A~R~L~Y yesterday morning and headed out. We had to deliver a piece of furniture to a customer and the rest of the day was ours.
Take a peek at what I unearthed......Rusty ~ crusty old white wire baskets. Wish there had been a huge pile of these, I would have bought them all! The blue stars are metal and make a great little candle holder!
Here's the whole deal! The hoosier was a great find as I had recently sold the other I had in the shop. I LOVE the color on this one...it's like a chippy grayish white. Right now the roll top is stuck so I am headin out to the garage after I type this post to see what I can do for it. Anyone have any ideas?? The box on the ground is an old OCTAGON soap box with handle filled with old bottles.

You can't really tell but the little table is an old dark red color. I love little tables and boxes. I can never seem to pass up either one! What is it with me? The old door in the background came from an old farmhouse and was the doorway under the stairs. I love how narrow it is. See the little thing with the old wood turquoise handle? It's an old ice pick! I have been looking FOREVER for one of these simply because I need one at the shop and do you think I could find one? HA!! Search is over....I just have to get all the rust off it. For a$1.00 it was worth it.

See what I mean about the hoosier? Ain't she sweet. The patina is so mellow and worn. She still has the flour sifter too~ with the cap!

Immediatly I thought how cute this little trailer would look with flowers planted in it. The guy I bought it from was telling me that he had gone to get all of his old metal toys from his mom's place and someone had stolen all of them except this trailer . Who does stuff like that? Haven't they heard of karma? I hope it get's um good.

This old chippy crackly basket has a big hole in the bottom. Why would that stop me huh? I thought it would work to get a plastic trash basket and slip inside. I hope I can find one that fits.

If a ya got a scale and it's good price I will ALWAYS buy it! Yet another item I can never pass up! What do you think of that little red metal cup? I wish you could see it better but there is a faint rose decal on the front...too cute!

This guy had a BUNCH of letters from old signs. Big ones , fat ones, red ones, brown ones, plastic ones, metal ones, teeny tiny ones and then I saw these....CHIPPY ONES!!! Heart starts racin, palms get sweaty, back off vibes are going out to anyone who might even think of cutting in!
So there I stand trying to make words , trying to figure out which letters to buy, not being able to put any back because I love how they all look! THEN a wise voice comes from the man dressed in an Olde Tyme Marketplace t-shirt and baseball cap
" Why don't you just buy ALL OF THEM?"
"Have you gone mad?" I say " There has to be a million dollars worth of letters in here!"
He's like "Beth, there are only maybe 24 letters in the whole box!"
Okay so he's right. It's worth askin about. Maybe they have a finance dept.
So I count them up and go get the guy. "What kind of deal can I get if I buy all of these?" I ask
He has to go ask another guy and let me just tell you, I could have just kissed him! I got the whole darn box and then Mr. OTM says "Aren't you glad I'm here to advise you on how to shop at these things?"!!! LOL! Too funny!
SO my Memorial Day weekend was Memorable! Had a great time and found some great junk!
Hope yours was the same!


Sarah said...

I love all your new junk!!! Those wire baskets are fantastic!

Amy said...

My goodness what a great weekend!
They don't do sales and fleamarkets out here so I live thru all of you girls who show me what great stuff I am missing out on.
Back home the goal on Memorial Day was to hit the Gypsy Caravan Fleamarket, it would rain every year but you still stuck it out and found some great treasures to bring home.
Ahh, I miss that.

Melissa said...

hat fun buys you have!

The Green Pea said...

I see you have some wonderful treasures. You might try some slip-it on your stuck rolling door. It works real well on drawers too. I get it at a woodworking store. sandi

Southern Lady said...

Sounds like you found some great stuff! Carla

Sue said...

You are right, you SCORED with all that stuff. I LOVE the letters and the old door!! It seems like "letters" are always big sellers. Thanks for the great pics.

Take care, Sue

Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

Beth ~
Those are awesome awesome treasures ~ I just love flea marketing so much ! I will take a flea market over the mall any day ~


Hi Beth,
You got Great Junk!!! Love the hoosier and the letters and the wire baskets. I sold some wire baskets. They go fast!!!
Wish I was junkin with ya!!
Would you come over and visit me...I have a piece of furniture that I would like to have info about...maybe you have seen one before.
Deb :)

kim@ A Thyme Remembered said...

Great finds, Beth!! wish I knew where you found this Flea MArket ;D! Would love to go with you junking too! Congrats on all of your fun and finds...and getting to spend it with the one you love!


oh wow...you found some fantastic finds.......I love it all..

Karen/My Colonial Home said...


You find the best stuff! Love this bunch.


Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

WOW! great finds! All of them!Funny you sign off as forever junkin...my 4 year old has gone to a couple garage sales with me and did great. we call it our junkin day.
Thanks for finding me and leaving a sweet comment!

sanjeet said...

Those wire baskets are fantastic!
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