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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall was so different then...

So I'm at the shop today totally stressed out while trying to get the place all decked out for Fall. While drowning among four huge boxes of fall florals that need to be fluffed, my mind started to drift back to "remember when."
Now I may loose some of you here because this post has nothing to do with junk finds. Believe it or not there was a time when something meant even more to me than JUNK!
Chippy white stuff even.....I heard all the gasps!
Back in the day...let's say like between 1984 thru 1987 , when Fall came around my life was CONSUMED with twirling!!
Yep! I was a majorette all thru high school and nope these pics aren't me. Had to use some stock photos so I had something to show in this post! I love all these vintage girls showin what their momma gave um!
Anyway, I LOVED it! Fall was so different then. It was about creating routines to super cool (HA!) songs like Ghostbusters and planning on what outfit to wear for the game. No boxes to unpack, no merchandise to price. Just wondering if my hair grew long enough to finally put in a french braid. Then trying to learn how to french braid my own hair. Finally figured it out while watching a Waltons rerun!
How many of you are still here? Hello? Is this thing on?
Those days seem like forever ago yet just yesterday We Got the Beat came on the radio and I was doing the whole routine in my head. There is no way in *H E double tooth pick* that I could fit into the skimpy uniforms we used to wear....(we had this red satin number with black sequins that was well........skimpy but oh so awesome) but I can still bring out the moves...most of them anyway, well some of them, um perhaps a few...but definitely I still remember some of the routines! Flexibility has left the building.

Right now my baton is in the garage. I used to practice all the time. By myself, with a coach, with my corp, band practice, majorette camp, band camp...practice , practice , practice. All the time. I can't tell you how many times my hands were on that baton. And now it just sits. Done.

It must have taught me alot. Dedication, responsibility, courage, strength, belief in myself....all of which I apply to my life today as I take care of my shop. So I guess that even though my baton is no longer a big part of my life, the lessons learned from it are.
Now if I could just fit back into those shorts...........


Amy said...

Maybe that is why i love fall, the football games, the homecoming parades working on floats I love it all.
I have my baton right there in my studio so I can see it everyday.
Twirl on girl!!

Tamarah said...

Beth you're a CRACKER for sure....Come on....I'm SURE you could slither on into those shorts....THAT's what spanks are for....hahahahaha....And I'm sure with a LITTLE practise you could still do the splits....If I were closer I'd come 'bounce on your shoulders' for you....That'd loosen you up....hahahahaha....Sounds like fun hey....??

I'll leave you with your pleasant memories....THANKS for sharing though.... :o) !

Hope you're having an AWESOME week Lovey....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Lucia said...

I see posters for Baton Twirling everywhere in my neighbourhood, maybe it's a good idea to get my daughter to do it!

Sue said...

What a great post. Funny how things from our past instantly come alive in our minds. Loved reading your post today, thanks!

Take care, Sue

Romeo said...

Great post! Of course if you were in high school then, you are still a babe in the woods and those pictures...well obviously, those wouldn't be you! I would say that maybe it could be "her" if "she" had any coordination (now or then) but she remembers those songs.....oops, "she'd" bonk me on the head if "she" knew I'd told you that ;) None the less, WHERE DOES TIME GO?!?

Donna Lynn said...

Your post this morning brought back memories for me too, I was a cheerleader for 4 yrs. and it sure taught me a lot of lifes lessons, just like you! It would be great if the schools brought back baton twirlling huh?

Farmgirl Paints said...

That sounds like fun. Twirling a baton...throwing it high in the air...to cool songs. Oh the good old days:)

Debra@Common Ground said...

Great post, I would have loved to see a "for real" photo of you and the rest of the team. I think I'll stick with the fall foliage, te he! much safer for me.

Anonymous said...

love the pictures of the majoretes. My mother and aunt(her sister) twillered battons when they were in high school back in the 50's. My aunt even did fire battons.
Your pictures remind me of my childhood playtimes when I twirled their battons and pretended I was a majorete.