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Friday, September 17, 2010

Some of my recent Virginia and Georgia Junk Picks!

OKAY GIRLS ( you know who you are.....) I hear ya!! Here is just a small sample of some of the goodies I have found recently in Virgina and Georgia.....Don't know what these numbers are for but they came with the cool wooden box too...
The table was a VA find.....the yummy crackly old paint sucked me right in....

see what I mean??


These darn old scales get me EVERY time! Espscially this one...it has the cutest little face!

Instead of just taking the old hardware OFF the door~ somebody just decided to cut a hunk of the door out with the old hardware still attached! Thank goodness....I love it!

So there ya have it! Will that hold ya over for a bit?? LOL! I have more to show you but lots of things needed to get either in the shop of the booths right away to fill in empty spaces.
I promise there is more to come!
OH!!!! If you are local, our little town of Marshville is having their Boll Weevil Festival (don't ya love it) this Saturday the 18th! The shop is ALL FALL if you know what I mean so come on out!

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Angela said...

You found some wonderful stuff!! I love it all!