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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

But I leave You with This....A DateBook Makeover!

Hello friends! I am getting ready to head to market in Atlanta for a few days with my good bud Shellee! This trip always inspires me and gets the creative juices flowing, not to mention it helps in the restocking of the shop too! I won't be bloggin for a few days but I did want to leave you with a mini make-over I did today on my datebook!
I ABSOLUTELY cannot leave for Atlanta without a datebook. It is my most used item I carry there. I sketch, make notes, write ship dates, appointments you name it.
I tried to find one this year that was halfway interesting and they were all either too cute or too weird...so I gave up. Mr.OTM on the other hand did not! He slipped one into my stocking this year and while it wasn't exactly what I had in mind.....it gave me an idea!
Welcome to the DateBook Makeover! Here's what I started with:
Feedsack scrap
Old Levis shirt (25 cents at a yard sale...I liked the ticking stripe!)
Burlap scrap
rubber stamps
ink pad

You need to start off by cutting the material to fit your book. Make sure your seam allowance is enough to hem and that your book will fit once you are done sewing.

This is what you are going for. You may want to embellish the front of your cover BEFORE you sew the flaps over...it makes it WAY easier to get done espicially if you want to SEW your embellishment on.

This is what I decided to do! I used the scraps to create a patch, then stamped the year 2011 on the front.

I also added a little pocket on the inside to hold my business cards.

This could also be used to hold pens or even a cell phone

Now THIS is more of what I had in mind! A very EASY little makeover that makes it one of a kind! I had all this stuff laying around so I didn't go out and buy anything specific to make it.

I hope you all behave yourselves while I'm gone! Don't worry I'll be taking loads of pics to share with you.
Mr. OTM will be running the shop so if ya get a chance stop on by and say HI!
See Ya SOON!

P.S. This little post is linked to White Wednesday
There's LOTS of eye candy over there!


Amy said...

great idea and I love the business card pocket!!! TOO SMART!
Have fun on your trip, I will love seeing what you find.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hello Beth....!

THANK YOU so much for your recent comment Lovey....You had me in FITS & your SYMPATHY HUGS were VERY much appreciated....FREAKIN green liquid indeed....hahahahaha.....

I'm LOVIN' your date book make over....I've left my diary alone this year waiting for some inspiration to strike before I started changin' it in any way....I think you've just provided me with the PUSH I needed.... :o) !!

As ALWAYS I hope you have a GREAT show & have my fingers crossed your book is FILLED to overflowin' with orders, drawings & thoughts on your return....!!

Travel safe....!

Miss ya already,
Tamarah :o)

Fish Tail Cottage said...

So cute - you could sell these! xoxo

krys kirkpatrick said...

That looks pretty easy and fun. Thanks for sharing. Happy Jolly Winter to you.

Mabel and Edgars Early Goods said...

So cute...What color and kind of stamp did you use? Thanks Michelle

Bead and Needle said...

Super cute - spruced that plain day minder right up! Great tutorial - happy White Wednesday...Tanya

Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

I love this idea... thanks for the tutorial, I think I am going to have to make one. Safe travels on your trip.Have tons of fun

A Fine Farmhouse said...

Love it ! What a great job you did ! Thanks for the inspiration !

Anonymous said...

What a great ifdea! It looks so much prettier now, and I love the functionality of the little pocket for your business cards!
Have fun on your trip!
~ Jo :)

trash talk said...

You know what would make these perfect...if YOU made 'em and sold 'em!
Have fun and take lots of photos!

Kristin said...

*love* it!! looks like i need to dust off the old sewing machine! :0)

prairie XO,

Shelley said...

Such a clever and cute datebook! Love this! Enjoy your trip!!