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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Photography and Pancakes!

What a blog post title huh?
This post is really for my Dad.
When my parents were here for the holidays I lovingly served up delicious plates of gooey pancakes....undercooked with a goopy middle. Yuck. I heard about it too, not just from Dad, mom chimed in second and Mr. OTM finished out the chorus.
Sooooo, the quest to make a perfect pancake made the
New Year ...New Me List!
I have been fiddling around with different pancake recipes and techniques.
Here is what I've learned:
1.) I love my own MADE UP recipe like crazy
(I'll share it at the bottom of this post)
2.) I MUST use a griddle.....still can't make them on a stove top.
So this past Sunday morning before I jetted off to my photography class ,
I proceeded to make the MOST FLUFFIEST PANCAKES I have ever made in my entire life!
The fluff-i-tude factor was off the hook!
Mr. OTM told me to snap a picture for proof.....just in case!
(Note: this is a PRE photography class photo...a bit outta focus but it all happened so fast and I was so excited and Russ was talking with his mouth full and well...get the picture?)So Sunday turned out to be kind of a BIG day for me: fantastic PANCAKES and my PHOTOGRAPHY class!
Let me just say this about the class....WOO HOO!!! I loved it! If you have been thinking about taking one yourself...DO IT! Honestly you will really learn alot and be able to understand more of what you are doing and why. By no means am I ready to start booking weddings or anything like that...that's not the goal. What I am ready for is practice...playing around and seeing what works and how. If a class is difficult for you to fit into your life at the moment here are few blogs that offer EASY TO UNDERSTAND tips on photography. I love to visit them often:
You want to "focus" ( pun intended...*wink* ) on Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. From that point on give it a whirl!
Okay amigos ......I fell like I am forgetting something.......hum......
4 cups Jiffy Mix
1/2 cup sugar
1 egg
1/2 cup Milk (perhaps a bit more depending on the consistency of batter you like)
1 Tsp (or more) of Almond flavoring
That's it! Ladle it on the griddle and wait! YummmmmmY!
I don't even eat them with syrup. Just plain, right off the griddle!
Thank You all so MUCH for your sweet comments and kind words!
You all make my day!


Prim2Pink said...

Aha!! So the griddle must be the secret!?
My daughter makes the bestest pancakes and I've tried her recipe & could never get them to come out as good. She uses a griddle! I've always just cooked on my stove. Now I'm going to go drag my griddle out & give it a try. Thanks!


Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

So glad you figured out the perfect pancake! Before my Dad passed, I always tried to make perfect biscuits for him (that was way before Pillsbury came up with the frozen biscuits).

Keep up with the photography....your doing good!


trash talk said...

I'm counting on you to teach me about apertures...and speaking of apertures, wanna know my recipe for the best pancakes?
2 gallons of gas
1 set of car keys
20 minute drive to IHOP
1 cute waitress
Eat while hot

Simply Bungalow said...

Can't wait to hear more about your photography class. I could use some tips. The pancakes look yummy!

Primsue said...

We love pancakes - will have to try your recipe, it sounds delicious!


heather mize said...

I'm definately going to try this recipe!