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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


It is a great day here....sunny with a little breeze...PERFECT TEA-DYIN WEATHER!! I sell tea dyed fabrics at the shop and on ebay and my stock was way down after the spring open house and I had orders to fill for ebay. Today the line if full of cheesecloth, osnaburg and muslin. My clothline is an Amish style that runs on a pully system...one end is attached to the tree in the background and the other to a post on the deck. I can load this thing up! On that note......I wonder what my neighbors must think when they see all this hanging out there......"she needs to change her detergent" or "how DO they get so dirty???" or " she keeps tryin to get those stains out but they always look the same. " or "she is always makin stuff look dirty for her shop...maybe she actually sells that too?!!".....I can only imagine what goes through their heads.
While this all dries, I am off to Lowe's to get stuff for another project......hint hint..it's for the garden. Promise I will take pics!! Have a sunny day!!
P.S. I have received some emails asking me about where to get the recycled concrete I used for the garden path in the last post.....we went to a local paving company. When they go to repave anything and they have to take up the old concrete they grind it up. So just look in the yellow pages for a local concrete and or paving business and give them a buzz to see if they have it! It is very affordable!!!! aka.......CHEAP!


Janene said...

I love tea dyed linens...So perfectly prim!
I really like the clothes line idea...I need to show my hubby this and see what we can come up with...Thank you for the inspiration!

Lisa said...

I love the clothes line idea!! Your tea dyed linens look great and like you said... I can only imagine what your neighbors think (lol). Thanks for the info on the concrete too.


cityfarmer said...

I do this in my bathtub...you've got it going on girl....I love your energy

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

OH I love your clothesline idea...love what you said about the neighbors..that is tooooo funny...thanks for the hint on the gravel...:)

~Judy~ said...

I so want your clothesline!!! I need to tea dye linen and cheesecloth too. Your turned out to be a great color. Can't wait to see what you're making.

UPON A HILL said...

Love your clothesline idea. Look forward to seeing your surprise project.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

There's just nothing quite like a clothesline, and how fun to see everything hanging out to dry. I use mine a lot too, don't know what I'd do without it in the summer! Thanks for sharing, Dawn

Carmen C. said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog, I LOVE the look of your "prim laundry"!!!! Looks so old fashioned hanging there:) Love your blog and those rooster soaps! I make melt & pour too and the fact that you got that lb. of soap for a quarter.....awesome! Have a lovely day:)

Karen said...

Well first off....LOVE YOUR SETTING!
My lines looked like that on Monday when I washed my Tobacco Cloth Panels....almost embarrassing isn't it....lol