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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Front Porch

So if you come inside and get an ice cream ,the front porch is a great place to sit and watch the world go by.....keep in mind it would be just a small piece, more like really tiny, it is Marshville and we are but a dot on the map....but small town life is where it's at if you ask me!
What was that???? What kind of ice cream do I have?? Welllllll let me just say , we usually have about 7 differnet flavors....right now we have Peach, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, Choc. Mint, Cookie Dough, and Strawberry. If you want a great refreshing treat that is DELICIOUS...you need to come in and try a Purple Cow! What the heck is that???? If you like root beer floats, it's just like that only with grape soda and vanilla ice cream. Tastes great with orange soda too!
If it continues to be 180 degrees outside you all might just want to stay inside the shop and enjoy! Hot weather makes ice-cream eatin even better!!

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Karen S. said...

I love the fact that you sell ice cream and have a front porch!!