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Sunday, August 17, 2008

It'll just take a minute...I promise!

Meet Jake and Bandit! They are my adopted sheep that live with dear friends Lisa and David Shelton who have Homethrown Pottery in Trinity NC. (if you haven't been there...it's worth the trip!!) Anyway, while visiting I mentioned my "plan" to Lisa about these two darlings! I told her all I want to do is get them to cooperate with me and let me put a big evergreen wreath around their necks with a big red gingham bow and let me take their picture so I can use it on my Olde Tyme Christmas Open House invites! Sounds easy enough right?? In this picture they look so willing and excited about helping me out. I tell them how it will make them famous and it will look good on their resume and frankly give their career the boost it needs. Pretty much all they have going on right now spending their days meandering the pasture, eating and being nosey as to what Lisa and David are up to. I hope I have convinced them after my pep talk. We'll see how it goes...........................................

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