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Friday, August 8, 2008

So this is love...........

I can't say enough about this old primitive cupboard except that I am in LOVE! As soon as I saw it ,little hearts started floating and popping around my head!!! As soon as I got it back to the shop, I stuck this baby right in the front window! I think it makes a great display. It has it's original black green paint, and the boards that make up the back are a wonderful old painted brown. The top has been scrubbed and the whole thing is ONE PIECE! I could just look at it for hours. Funny thing about window displays though.....and all you other shop owners let me know if you have noticed this....alot of the stuff in the windows gets overlooked! I find myself doing it too. I get so excited to get inside and look around at the rest of the shop, I forget about all the wonderful stuff in the windows!! Plus chances are that is where some of the best stuff is! So the moral to this post is : Give window displays the attention they deserve, they have feelings too!! As a bonus, you just might walk away with the best item in the shop! Happy shopping!

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Beth (roundcat) said...

That's a fantastic find! I love the aesthetics of the pieces you work on. I just stumbled across your blog while googling my own name... I'm Beth Swanson too. :) Other side of the country though I have family in NC!